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Create Your Association Inventory

Individual Association Inventory

  1. Using this list as a reference, list as many associations as you can think of within your community that you (a) are a member of, or (b) know by name or association.

  2. Think about what they do as part of their formal mission or purpose.

  3. Next, think about what positive functions each association fulfills in the community beyond its name or stated purpose. (For instance, they might provide members access to jobs through individual referrals, leadership training, education about local politics or resources, care between individuals, etc.)

  4. Jot down some notes about items 2. and 3. beside each association’s names.

  5. Take a moment to reflect on this exercise:

    • How was it useful?

    • How does it make you think differently about your community or your role within it as a community weaver?

    • How could you use this information in your weaving activities to further strengthen your community?

    • Who else in your neighborhood might be willing to help you expand this map with their own knowledge?

Resident Association Group Inventory

Source: Releasing the Power of Local Associations

Below is a simple process for partnering with community members to generate a starting inventory of local associations.

  1. One way to start is to ask a group of local citizens to identify all the associations to which they belong and the names of all the others they know about. Often, the participants will be surprised to see how many local groups they know.

  2. This beginning list can then be shared with other associations and their members asked to add groups they find missing. This process will help inform and interest local associations in their number, diversity, and significance.

Going Further

If you would like to dive deeper into the topic associations and how to work with them to strengthen your community, see these additional resources: